What is sustainable food?

What is sustainable food? There is no easy answer, but researchers emphasise that the focus should be on the big picture, with an eye on the latest research and responsibility for the environment.

Sustainable food evokes many different ideas. Many of us would like to know how we could enjoy our food in a healthy, environmentally friendly way. Should we consider the environmental impact of each bite we take? Researchers look at the bigger picture.

“Comparing individual foods is not particularly productive. It’s much more interesting in terms of sustainability, health and the environment to look at an individual’s full diet,” says Mikael Fogelholm, professor of nutrition science.

The modern consumer wants food that is both healthy and environmentally friendly. Consumer choices can also be swayed by national nutrition recommendations. According to the Finnish nutrition recommendations, updated in 2014, people should eat no more than half a kilo of processed and red meat per week. According to calculations by the Central Union of Agricultural Producers and Forest Owners, a typical Finn exceeds this recommendation only by the equivalent of a half meatball. This means that in terms of nutrition recommendations, Finnish meat eaters are fine – or are they

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