Strengths of Health Capital Helsinki


Multidisciplinary research of neurological diseases in Helsinki is at the leading edge of the whole world.

Research infrastructure, computational knowledge and active biobanks create an exceptional framework for brain research and development of novel treatment alternatives. The discovery of meningeal lymphatic vessels and the development of a new treatment for Parkinson’s disease are known examples of successful research and entrepreneurship in Helsinki.

Neurosurgery at HUS Helsinki University Hospital is the leading center in Europe for microneurosurgical treatment of cerebral blood vessels and complex brain tumours. Hundreds of neurosurgeons from all around the world visit the clinic yearly to learn the latest microneurosurgical techniques.

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Post-stroke de­liv­ery of neur­o­trophic factor pro­motes func­tional re­cov­ery in rats

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Surgify raises a €1.0M seed investment round

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Brain Disorders symposium on Nov 23rd

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Artificial intelligence estimates brain maturation level of pre-term babies

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