Strengths of Health Capital Helsinki:

Health technology

Health technology is one of the fastest growing areas of export in advanced technologies from Finland. The Helsinki area is a hub of numerous companies that develop innovative devices and applications for preventative health care, diagnosis and patient rehabilitation. Particular areas of expertise are the employment of medical imaging and artificial intelligence.

Several distinctive projects such as HUS Testbed, Virtual Hospital 2.0, and the CleverHealth Network enable health tech companies to develop and test services together with health care professionals.

Health Capital Helsinki has nominated new director

Apr 24, 2019/by ottoheikkila

Alumni Ambassador’s story: Juha Aarvala

Mar 25, 2019/by ottoheikkila

Terkko Health Accelerator

Mar 14, 2019/by ottoheikkila

AI is revolutionising health technology

Mar 1, 2019/by ottoheikkila

Di­gital health to sup­port pre­ci­sion can­cer medicine in iCAN – a new Academy of Fin­land flag­ship

Feb 5, 2019/by ottoheikkila

25 European medtech and life sciences start-ups to watch in 2019

Jan 28, 2019/by ottoheikkila

Health Valley Event International in Netherlands on March 13

Jan 23, 2019/by ottoheikkila

Digital Wellbeing Sprint 2019

Jan 16, 2019/by ottoheikkila

Story of magnetic resonance imaging device tells of courage and determination

Jan 15, 2019/by ottoheikkila

How To Make The Most Of Finnish Real-World Data

Dec 14, 2018/by hannaalahongisto

The most exciting Finnish health tech startups of 2018

Dec 13, 2018/by hannaalahongisto

SPARK Finland is now calling for project proposals

Dec 12, 2018/by hannaalahongisto

HIMSS and Health 2.0 – Join us in Finland!

Dec 12, 2018/by hannaalahongisto

Slush Y Science 2018: Science is the basis for good business

Dec 7, 2018/by hannaalahongisto

Planmed and Disior sign collaboration and distribution agreement

Dec 4, 2018/by hannaalahongisto

Health Design 2018: Service design for a personalized patient experience

Nov 30, 2018/by hannaalahongisto

HUS Testbed: product development and validation in an authentic hospital environment

Nov 20, 2018/by hannaalahongisto

Terkko Health Talks: Pitching workshop, Dec 11th 2018

Nov 16, 2018/by hannaalahongisto

Apply now for the Health Design 2018 Pitching Competition

Nov 12, 2018/by hannaalahongisto

Y Science – Welcome to the science side of SLUSH

Nov 8, 2018/by hannaalahongisto

Terkko Health Talks: Communication & Negotiation Workshop, Nov 14th

Oct 30, 2018/by hannaalahongisto

HIMSS Europe & Health 2.0—spotlight on Finland’s digital health solutions

Oct 29, 2018/by admin

Terkko Health Talks: Funding Sources for Life Science and Health Companies, Oct 30th

Oct 24, 2018/by hannaalahongisto

Life Science Valuation Workshop at Terkko, 21st November

Oct 18, 2018/by admin

Finnish Center for Artificial Intelligence receives €1M funding from The Future Makers program

Oct 17, 2018/by admin

Aalto and University of Helsinki researchers among Skolar 2018 finalists

Oct 11, 2018/by admin

Uni­versity of Helsinki ranks 99th in Times Higher Education World Uni­versity Rank­ing

Sep 27, 2018/by hannaalahongisto

Apply now for SLUSH Y Science Life Science Pitching competition

Sep 25, 2018/by hannaalahongisto

Ap­ply for HiLIFE Proof of Concept Grant by Oc­to­ber 15th

Sep 23, 2018/by admin

Terkko Health Talks: Medical Marketing & Communication, Sep 26th

Sep 21, 2018/by hannaalahongisto

Or­ion Cor­por­a­tion and Uni­versity of Helsinki join forces in de­vel­op­ing new treat­ments for Mi­to­chon­drial Dis­eases and Pro­gress­ive Myoclo­nus Epi­lepsy

Sep 19, 2018/by hannaalahongisto

Top tools for artificial intelligence and IT presented at Aalto University in August

Aug 30, 2018/by admin

Terkko Health Talks: AI in Healthcare, Aug 22nd

Aug 14, 2018/by admin

AI application for treatment of gestational diabetes

Aug 14, 2018/by hannaalahongisto

Low an­ti­bi­otic con­cen­tra­tion in the en­vir­on­ment enough to in­crease an­ti­mi­cro­bial res­ist­ance in labor­at­ory con­di­tions

Aug 3, 2018/by hannaalahongisto

Aalto University and University of Helsinki succeeded in the international Shanghai Ranking

Aug 2, 2018/by hannaalahongisto

Stroke throm­bolysis treat­ment in Helsinki beats ex­pect­a­tions

Jul 18, 2018/by hannaalahongisto

A new col­lab­or­a­tion en­ables novel cell ther­apy treat­ments for HUS pa­tients

Jul 4, 2018/by hannaalahongisto

Regulatory Compliance in Life Sciences and Health Tech, Jun 20th at Terkko

Jun 13, 2018/by admin

ULF 2018 – From antimicrobial resistance crisis to cybersecurity of medical devices

May 31, 2018/by hannaalahongisto

Presenting the life science and healthtech network of the Helsinki region at ULF 2018

May 31, 2018/by hannaalahongisto

Health Capital Helsinki at Upgraded Life Festival 2018

May 30, 2018/by hannaalahongisto

Bayer G4A Global Accelerator and Dealmaker Programs: apply now!

May 24, 2018/by hannaalahongisto

Life Science Mentors: New Mentoring Service for Finnish Life Science Actors

May 4, 2018/by admin

Cybersecurity of Medical Devices, April 25th at Terkko

Apr 17, 2018/by admin

Researchers build miniature optical antennas using DNA as a guide

Feb 12, 2018/by admin

Surgify raises a €1.0M seed investment round

Jan 24, 2018/by admin

Successful first months at Terkko Health Hub

Dec 21, 2017/by admin

Biosensor developed at Aalto University for simple and cost-effective health tests

Dec 20, 2017/by admin

New fund for European life science start-ups launched by Hadean Ventures

Dec 19, 2017/by admin

Fimmic revolutionizes tissue sample analytics using artificial intelligence

Dec 14, 2017/by hannaalahongisto

Health Awards 2018 finalists have been shortlisted

Dec 7, 2017/by hannaalahongisto

The prize of Hel­sinki Chal­lenge idea com­pet­i­tion was di­vided between two teams

Nov 29, 2017/by hannaalahongisto

Biotech showcase 2018: meet with investors and leading biopharma companies

Nov 22, 2017/by admin

Pain­less gluc­ose mon­it­or­ing and other sci­ence in­nov­a­tions at Slush, Hel­sinki

Nov 17, 2017/by hannaalahongisto

Study­ing the life

Nov 8, 2017/by hannaalahongisto

Artificial intelligence estimates brain maturation level of pre-term babies

Oct 23, 2017/by hannaalahongisto

DNA nanostructures get camouflaged by proteins

Oct 10, 2017/by hannaalahongisto

Desentum aims at defeating allergies

Oct 6, 2017/by hannaalahongisto

Askel Healthcare produces biodegradable implants to heal joint cartilage damage

Sep 29, 2017/by hannaalahongisto

ADESANTE takes surgery into virtual reality

Sep 27, 2017/by hannaalahongisto

New project teams join the SPARK Finland program

Sep 27, 2017/by hannaalahongisto

Genoscoper harnesses genetic data for canine health and sustainable breeding

Sep 22, 2017/by hannaalahongisto

Biodesign Finland

Sep 21, 2017/by hannaalahongisto

CleverHealth Network – a new ecosystem of digital health innovations

Sep 19, 2017/by admin

Valo Therapeutics is developing a virus-based immunotherapy to defeat cancer

Sep 14, 2017/by hannaalahongisto

The largest health hub in the Nordics opens to the public in October

Sep 12, 2017/by admin

Safer bone surgery thanks to a technique patented at Aalto

Sep 11, 2017/by hannaalahongisto

Mobile microscopy and artificial intelligence for on-site diagnostics

Sep 8, 2017/by hannaalahongisto

Research idea developed into a biomaterial for cartilage repair

Sep 8, 2017/by hannaalahongisto

Ultrasound can help treat cancer and osteoarthritis

Sep 4, 2017/by hannaalahongisto

MediSapiens creates knowledge from data

Aug 30, 2017/by hannaalahongisto

Aalto Start-Up Center graduate companies display good growth

Aug 28, 2017/by hannaalahongisto

Aalto University and GE Healthcare expand their cooperation

Aug 21, 2017/by hannaalahongisto

Opening of the Health Technology House of Aalto University

Mar 30, 2017/by admin

Improving prevention and management of Diabetic Kidney Disease (DKD)

Feb 23, 2017/by admin

Health Capital Helsinki secures significant funding

Feb 3, 2017/by admin

Nanofibres developed for healing bone fractures

Jan 25, 2017/by admin

ECR funds pioneering model for medical treatment

Dec 20, 2016/by admin

HUS, the University of Helsinki and GE Healthcare deepen cooperation

Nov 22, 2016/by admin

Tomi Laurila looks for future healthcare solutions from nanomaterials

Nov 8, 2016/by admin