New fund for European life science start-ups launched by Hadean Ventures

Hadean Ventures announced today the closing of Hadean Capital I, a new fund with a target size of €100 million that will invest in life science companies. A particular attention will be given to regions of Europe harbouring world class scientific communities, yet are under-served from a venture capital perspective, especially the Nordic region. The fund is supported by a consortium of blue chip fund investors, including Argentum, Saminvest, Gjensidigestiftelsen, OPF and Varner.

Ingrid Teigland Akay, Managing Partner of Hadean Ventures, says: “Several European countries have built world class scientific communities on the basis of longstanding tradition for scientific excellence and significant investments in research. In addition, the growing ecosystem and surge in entrepreneurship have created a very fertile ground for life science start-ups.”

According to Teigland Akay, the Nordic region has outstanding scientists, a stable, business friendly environment and a vibrant start-up community, yet very few life science specialist venture funds are on the ground. This is why Hadean Ventures finds the region extremely potential.

Walter Stockinger, Managing Partner of Hadean Ventures, points out that the availability of venture capital for life science start-ups has not kept pace with the recent entrepreneurial boom. “Other industries have seen several new VC funds emerge, supporting and benefiting from the surge in young and innovative companies, whereas the complexity of the healthcare sector presents a particularly high hurdle. Our team combines the necessary life science know-how with many years of VC experience, which we believe enables us to identify and accelerate high potential life science start-ups and benefit from the particularly fertile environment.”

Hadean Ventures has offices in Oslo and Stockholm and collaborates with start-up hubs across the region.

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