Biotech showcase 2018: meet with investors and leading biopharma companies

Biotech Showcase 2018, the investor and partnering conference for private, small- and mid-cap biotech companies, will take place 8–10 January in San Francisco, CA, US. The registration for one-to-one meetings is currently open; apply now to meet with investors and companies of your interest.

Arranged for the 10th time this year, Biotech Showcase 2018 brings together key stakeholders at the convergence of traditional therapeutics, digital tools, diagnostics, precision medicine, AI and other technical advances to explore funding opportunities, partnerships and collaboration.

Biotech Showcase 2018 is expected to feature presentations by close to 400 public and private companies and attract more than 3,000 attendees. The event will run a full program of topical plenary sessions and workshops, including special-focus events dedicated to emerging trends.

Biotech Showcase is co-produced by Demy-Colton Life Science Advisors and EBD Group. Both organizations have a long history of providing high quality business support services to the biotechnology industry.

Biotech Showcase 2018 (#BTS2018), January 8–10th, San Francisco, CA, US

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