Health Capital Helsinki spearheads:

Smart devices

The co-operation between engineers and healthcare professionals is built on combining electronics, mechanical engineering and software engineering into networked smart devices.

We produce advanced device solutions for the whole chain of furthering health and wellbeing, especially for prevention, diagnosis and rehabilitation. Medical imaging is the strongest of our many application areas. We do lots of work with businesses and recently several startup companies have been born around the development of medical devices.

Training: Patents and IP Rights for Life Science and Health

Mar 9, 2018/by kaisaoksanen

Researchers build miniature optical antennas using DNA as a guide

Feb 12, 2018/by kaisaoksanen

Open position at Abomics: Inside Sales Manager

Feb 7, 2018/by kaisaoksanen

Surgify raises a €1.0M seed investment round

Jan 24, 2018/by kaisaoksanen

Biosensor developed at Aalto University for simple and cost-effective health tests

Dec 20, 2017/by kaisaoksanen

Fimmic revolutionizes tissue sample analytics using artificial intelligence

Dec 14, 2017/by hannaalahongisto

Biotech showcase 2018: meet with investors and leading biopharma companies

Nov 22, 2017/by kaisaoksanen

Pain­less gluc­ose mon­it­or­ing and other sci­ence in­nov­a­tions at Slush, Hel­sinki

Nov 17, 2017/by hannaalahongisto

Study­ing the life

Nov 8, 2017/by hannaalahongisto

Apply now for Vertical Health Accelerator spring 2018 program

Nov 7, 2017/by hannaalahongisto

Artificial intelligence estimates brain maturation level of pre-term babies

Oct 23, 2017/by hannaalahongisto

ADESANTE takes surgery into virtual reality

Sep 27, 2017/by hannaalahongisto

Genoscoper harnesses genetic data for canine health and sustainable breeding

Sep 22, 2017/by hannaalahongisto

The largest health hub in the Nordics opens to the public in October

Sep 12, 2017/by kaisaoksanen

Safer bone surgery thanks to a technique patented at Aalto

Sep 11, 2017/by hannaalahongisto

HiLIFE Proof of Concept (HiPOC) Grants call is open

Sep 11, 2017/by hannaalahongisto

Research idea developed into a biomaterial for cartilage repair

Sep 8, 2017/by hannaalahongisto

Ultrasound can help treat cancer and osteoarthritis

Sep 4, 2017/by hannaalahongisto

BIO-Europe 2017 in Berlin: apply for conference grant by September 15th

Aug 31, 2017/by kaisaoksanen

Aalto University and GE Healthcare expand their cooperation

Aug 21, 2017/by hannaalahongisto

Statistical model predicts the toxicity of pharmaceutical molecules

Aug 11, 2017/by hannaalahongisto

International Market Exposure Program for life science and healthtech companies starting in August

Aug 3, 2017/by hannaalahongisto

A Grid: a new community space opening at the Aalto University campus in late 2017

Aug 3, 2017/by hannaalahongisto

SPARK Finland call is open for new projects – Apply by August 21st, 2017

Aug 2, 2017/by hannaalahongisto

Biodesign projects identify medical innovations for commercialisation

Jun 16, 2017/by hannaalahongisto

Tekes funding for 3D matrix allowing predictive and effective breast cancer treatment

Jun 15, 2017/by kaisaoksanen

3D printing for more efficient research

May 12, 2017/by kaisaoksanen

Meru Health transforms meditation into measurable care for depression

Nov 8, 2016/by admin

Video-aided remote rehabilitation used in Helsinki home care services

Oct 26, 2016/by admin

Kaiku Health improves communication between patients and healthcare professionals

Aug 8, 2016/by admin

VitalSignum’s beat2phone monitors patients at their homes

Aug 8, 2016/by admin

From everyday ideas to innovations in healthcare

Apr 15, 2016/by admin