Health Capital Helsinki spearheads:

Health From Data

Finland is the country of IT experts. We analyse and refine information from data for promoting health. Our strong expertise in basic computational research, computer science and analytics create a strong basis for application development in, for example, cancer and genome research. We are developing digitizing medicine and healthcare with the help of our technology expertise.

The data we analyse is a resource that helps us solve different challenges related to prevention and rehabilitation in health. Our digital expertise guarantees that clinical decision-making of the future will be closely supported by intelligent systems.

Training: Patents and IP Rights for Life Science and Health

Mar 9, 2018/by kaisaoksanen

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Mobile microscopy and artificial intelligence for on-site diagnostics

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BIO-Europe 2017 in Berlin: apply for conference grant by September 15th

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MediSapiens creates knowledge from data

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Aalto University and GE Healthcare expand their cooperation

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International Market Exposure Program for life science and healthtech companies starting in August

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BC Platforms closes a $USD 10 Million financing round to accelerate knowledge platform development

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Opening of the Health Technology House of Aalto University

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Real patients in a virtual hospital

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Tomi Laurila looks for future healthcare solutions from nanomaterials

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Revolutionising drug discovery with computational approaches

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Finland and IBM partner to develop personalized healthcare and spark economic growth with Watson

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