About Health Capital Helsinki

Health Capital Helsinki is a leading European hub of life science and health tech research, knowledge and business. Our spearheads are neuro, cancer, digital health, future hospital, food, sustainability, and biodiversity.

The City of Helsinki, the University of Helsinki, Aalto University and HUS Helsinki University Hospital are developing a research based innovation and business ecosystem, with the aim of making Helsinki the leading European region of life science and health tech.

It’s an unprecedented kind of co-operation between science communities, a cutting- edge hospital and a city known for its advanced open data policies and great service design.

Health Capital Helsinki improves the commercialization of scientific research, increases the number of business ideas, startup companies and jobs as well as supports business growth and accelerates export.

Health technology is Finland’s number one high technology export field, with a total value of 2.11 billion euros (2016). Health Capital Helsinki will connect you with all the right experts and gamechangers in this emerging region of health business and research.

The actions are coordinated by the Health Capital Helsinki project office.